Feeling good…

tights with shorts over them. The reason for this is
that the clothing will keep your muscles warm, but allow the teacher to see
your best lines, without the barrier of bulky workout pants or baggy T-shirts.
Leotards are common dance outfit, as this is the only way you can really learn
whether you arch your back, raise your torso enough, or turn your hips

In some other styles like swing, ballroom or latin
dance, leotards are not always particularly appropriate. Some of these lessons
tend to be more casual, beginners classes and people wear comfortable clothes
that don’t show much of their body. It is, however, advisable to wear a leotard
if there is a more intensive lesson where you are going to do a lot of original
choreography, somersaults, pirouettes or lunges.

If you choose to buy plain leotards to decorate for a
performance don’t forget to take into account the flexibility of the garment
should, the comfort of the dancer and general practice.

It is difficult to find these famous outfits on the
market, fortunately the second-hand market exists.